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fachada embaixadaWelcome to the official page of the Embassy of Portugal in Guinea-Bissau with some useful information about our services and work aiming to increase the excellent relationship that exist between Portugal and Guinea-Bissau.



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The Embassy of Portugal in Guinea-Bissau warns all its users not to be deceived by alleged agents who act outside the law and falsely pretend to be close or even acting on behalf of this Diplomatic and Consular Mission.

The Embassy of Portugal and its Consular Section do not use any intermediaries or anyone outside their normal services and facilities.

The Embassy never charges any amounts, in addition to the normal fees, contained in the public and general table, for consular acts performed.

Those who use and resort to such fundraisers, allegedly even paying large amounts, wasting money, at their own risk, not only participate in fraudulent and illegal schemes, but can also be an accomplice in crimes and criminal networks, also contributing to adulterate and seriously block the regular online booking system, harming all users in good faith, making it difficult and denying them normal access.

This Monday, October 31, the Memorandum of Understanding between Portugal and Guinea-Bissau was signed, through which Portugal provides an extraordinary amount of 5 million euros for the General Budget of the State of Guinea-Bissau.

On the Portuguese side, the document was signed by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Francisco André, and by the Vice-President of Camões - Institute for Cooperation and Language, Cristina Moniz, and, on the Guinean side, by the Minister of State, of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Communities in Guinea-Bissau, Suzi Barbosa.


Avenida Cidade de Lisboa
Caixa Postal 276

+245 966 990 029 (Embassy)
+245 966 980 000 (Consular Section)
bissau@mne.pt (Embassy)
sconsular.bissau@mne.pt (Consular Section)

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